Friday, July 10, 2009

The Ride ... A Journey in Pictures

It was a pretty crazy weekend for Amy!

Christopher's Graduation was on Friday June 12th in London ... there were two ceremonies ... one at 9:30 in the morning (UWO) and the second at 3:00 (Ivey School of Business) after which she drove home to get her stuff together for The Ride.

She was up at 5:00 am ... to pack up the gear ... then pick up a driver to take her car home ... then raced down to the CNE ... the start point. She made it with time to spare and to snap some pics of the event.

Here she is with Aunt Mary Ellen ... who came all the way from Thunder Bay ... for Chris's Grad and to wish Amy luck on her trip.

Mary Ellen is Brenda's sis ... the one just older than Brenda ... and they were very close.

As soon as the ride was underway ... she headed for the airport to catch her flight home.

Angels Watching Over Us Team!

Six riders ready to go!

And here are the rest of the riders!

After a little more than 100 kms the riders all gathered at McMaster University in Hamilton to eat, socialize and bunk down for the night. For those of you who don't know ... McMaster is located on Hamilton Mountain .... which made for several miles of uphill travel ... and pretty much sucked up the last of everyone's energy. Many of the riders resorted to walking at that point ... but Amy tells me she stayed on the bike and pedaled slow but steady up to the top. Lights out time ... 9:00 pm ... which sounds early ... but not if you've been up since the crack of dawn and ridden all that way!

Here's a shot of the Parking Lot for the Bikes.

All of the riders signed a huge Ride to Conquer Cancer Banner ... awesome!

After a good night's sleep and a good breakfast they were all ready to tackle the second half of the journey.
Here's Amy all rigged up and ready to go again!
The helmet (incidentally) was sponsered by Mr. Graham ... the Dealer of Canadian Tire Pickering!
He spared no expense ... it is a top of the line
Iron Man Pro Series!

And finally a journey completed!
They all made it to Niagara Falls!

All smiles ... on the verge of exhaustion ... but feeling so self-fulfilled ... that the goal is met ... the ride is done ... and already contemplating doing it again ... next year!
Amy is considering a change of venue.
Her cousin in Vancouver ... who's mother is another of Brenda's sisters ... and who also lost a battle to cancer ... has invited her to do the ride with her there next year.
Riding with friends is one thing .... riding with family who've shared the same pain ... is something else. YOU GO GIRLS!
The final donation from this fund raiser and from the chocolate almond sales ... came in at over $530.
I took some of the left-over Beady Bits with me on my door-to-door canvas ... thinking that some might prefer something other than the almonds ... and that added to the total.
I feel a sense of personal satisfaction that I was able to help Amy get closer to her monetary goal and I sincerely appreciate all of the help from those of you out there who helped me to do that.
I've heard stories from many who have lost loved ones to cancer ... and met survivors who beat it ... and it has been a wonderful experience. I'd do it again ... in a heartbeat!
There really is strength in numbers ... and hopefully someday it will be enough to conquer cancer.
Love & Hugs to all.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Got Pics ... Blogger Won't Upload

I think there are some issues going on ... just cannot get pics to load!

Tried yesterday ... and today ... but no go!

Maybe tomorrow!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ride Update Soon!

It's been a week since the Ride ... and I've yet to hear all the details from Amy ... but no news is good news! She posted on Facebook that she had "100 kms down & 100 to go" ... so I'm certain that it went off to completion as planned ... will fill you all in after I chat with her ... and hopefully have some pics to share.

I'm sure she's been busy getting back to work & her other commitments...but expect she'll visit tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well ... I have to admit I thought I was biting off more than I could chew when I agreed to 3 cases of Chocolate Almonds to sell for the Ride fund raising ... but I am thrilled to say that they are all gone!

I spent a few hours today going door-to-door at the Co-op ... and managed to whittle the number down to 15 ... then proceeded to the neighbouring complex ... and sold down to only 2 boxes!

I noticed that one neighbour I had missed was home ... so stopped by ... & she bought the last of them! Woo Hoo! They are all gone!

I had several of the Beady Bits left over ... so took those with me too ... as there are a few people who either don't care for (or can't consume) chocolate or nuts ... so wanted to provide an alternative ... and damned if I didn't get a bunch more of them sold!

Instead of the $270 that I figured I'd have from the chocolate almond sales ... I boosted that to over $300 ... which will all go to the Ride fund!

I feel I have accomplished my mission! Funny how I feel a great weight now lifted off my shoulders with my part now complete!

After expenses ... your support and my contribution came in at $230 ... which is awesome! ... and the chocolates / Beady Bits direct sales added over another $300 so Amy is within a hair of her required mark.

She can ride with the confidence of knowing that all efforts & donations have made this possible!

It has been obvious that the unstable economic times & less disposable income showed less support available than desireable ... but the base target is met nonetheless ... so let's hear it for small mercies!

Let the Ride begin!

Monday, June 1, 2009

And The Winner Is . . . . .

As promised ... I put all the names in the Lucky Tin tonight and the winner is .....

Mary Anne Richardson


Again I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting Amy's Ride!

The Ride is less than two weeks away now ... and she's been training hard ... and fundraising to make the final goal ... and will also be doing a warm-up ride this weekend in the Becel Ride for Heart ... you go girl!

She'll be sporting a new Ironman Pro Helmet ... a donation courtesy of our dealer ... Mr Graham!

They'll be taking pics during the event and will share those with you after the event!

Love & Hugs

Aunt Marie & Amy

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Chance ... Big Draw Tomorrow!

Well here it is ... the last day to claim your creations!

Everyone whose donation has been received by tomorrow night will be in for the Big Draw!

Thanks to all who have supported Amy's Ride!

Hugs ... Marie

Monday, May 18, 2009

Head Gear Happening ... & Rama Was a Blast!

Slowly but surely things are coming together for Amy's ride! My boss gratiously volunteered to sponser a helmet for her ... and I picked it up today ... so one more thing to cross off the requirements list!

I'm well into Box # 2 of the three boxes of chocolate almonds to be sold ... and the Beady Bit sales are continuing to increase the donation.

Saturday May 9th was the Casino Rama trip and my friend Jen and her Mom came along with me ... it was really fun! I started off with $60 to spend...the bus ride featured a 50/50 draw for $10 a ticket ... which I didn't win ... and even tho I had 32 raffle tickets ... for another $10 ... didn't win anything there either ... but Jen won 2 of them and gave me one of her candle packages ... a lovely tea light holder. It will serve as a fond reminder of a great trip!

Didn't fare too bad at the casino ... I was a "virgin" going into this ... I'd never experienced a casino until this trip. I managed to find one machine that I did very well with ... at one point was up to $70 ahead ... and when I cashed out was up $50 ... so all in all ... lost only $10.

The buffet dinner was well worth the price of admission ... I was impressed not only with the food ... but with the practiced precision with which they managed the volume of people ... they allow a 1-hour time limit per table ... which was just right.

Pictures .... sorry .... none to show. Jen had her camera ... but only got one shot outside. I wanted her to take one at the registration desk ... they had these awesome inlays of various nature designs all done in beads ... but the staff made her delete the ones she took ... as no cameras/pics are allowed inside. Shame .... as these were so incredible ... and would have loved to share them.

Ah well ... guess you'll just have to check them out yourselves ... if you get the chance!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Just To Let You Know . . .

Due to a change of heart...items FFE 86 & 87 are still available.

The tally is getting up there! Your claimed pieces have come in at around $100 ... and my match will be the same ... so the total donation so far is around $200 !

There's still time to claim pieces for yourself ... and don't forget ... each paid donation gets you one entry into that special draw that will be held on June 1st...for an original "Marie Alton Creation" ... and the magazine it was published in ... a rare opportunity!

You can donate through Paypal to or you can send a Money Order if you prefer ... just let me know at the above e-addy!

I am off to Casino Rama tomorrow ... another fund-raising event for the Ride! I've never been to a casino before ... so am really excited for a new experience! My friend Jen and her Mom are coming with me ... so should be a blast! Jen is bringing a camera ... so may have some pics to post afterward! (Jen has a way cool job ... she is the Communications Coordinator for Children's Wish Foundation fun that must be!)

Sunday will be Mother's Day ... and I want to wish all Moms out there a happy one!

Where would the world be without them ... us ! My own Mom ... while getting on in years ... is doing well ... despite the fact that she had a brush with cancer some 15 years back. Fortunately it was caught early enough to be dealt with ... and she has been fine ever since. She is a survivor!

While Amy is riding in this event in memory of her Mom ... my inspiration to help is magnified by remembering that my Mom is still alive today because she beat it ... and I hope that many more Moms out there can do as she did!

Big Hugs to All..... Marie

Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Form Embellishments

Okay folks ... here they are!

Don't be thrown by the non-sequencial numbers ... these are the original ones designated to each pattern piece ... so figured it'd be much easier for me to identify them than changing to new ones.

I loaded them in reverse this time so as you scroll down they read in order of creation.

I've attempted to re-size them to be as close to actual as possible ... but there might be a slight variation from the pic to reality.

Remember ... all you need to do to claim your piece(s) is to be the first to post and claim it ... then send me a note ... via Paypal or e-mail (for Money Order) to and I'll get them off in the mail once your donation arrives.

Thank you all for supporting Amy's Ride!

Hugs ... Marie

FFE - 02

FFE - 03

FFE - 10

FFE - 24

FFE - 30

FFE - 34

FFE - 36

FFE - 40

FFE - 41

FFE - 42

FFE - 54

FFE - 60

FFE - 61

FFE - 69

FFE - 75

FFE - 78

FFE - 83

FFE - 84

FFE - 86

FFE - 87

FFE - 88

FFE - 92

FFE - 100

FFE - 101

FFE - 108

FFE - 109

FFE - 116

FFE - 117

FFE - 132

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